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          Introduction of water transfer printing equipment

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          Introduction of water transfer printing equipment

          1 top membrane equipment
                Film equipment mainly completes the drape water transfer film on the photo activation and transfer to the surface of the film. The film is actually a device with constant temperature control function of the water tank, some use tin welding, some are made of stainless steel.

              Film automatic equipment for film operation standard type products. Its mechanical hand can easily handle products, which can improve the productivity, but also reduce the cumbersome process of manual operation.


                The water surface water bestrow transfer film cut a good flat on the film equipment, film after absorbing water and water to form a parallel storage state, free floating in the water, due to the surface tension of water, ink layer will be evenly spread on the surface of the water. The activating agent is uniformly sprayed on the surface of the film. The film will slowly destroy and dissolve, because the water resistance of the ink, the ink layer is startedNow free state.




          2 washing equipment
                Cleaning and washing equipment to complete the surface residual film, general washing equipment manufacturing assembly line, to facilitate continuous production. After transfer conveyor belt products placed in the washing equipment, the operator manually will product cleaning the residue, and then banished to the next process.

                The water washing equipment mainly consists of a water tank and a conveying belt device, and the conveying belt device is used for conveying the product, and the water tank is used for cleaning products.



          3 drying equipment
               Drying apparatus for residual film removal after injection operation after drying. The product is mainly dry after washing water evaporation, spray drying after the volatile solvent is dry. The water evaporates, graphic and product formation binding force will close, and the light oil after drying will form high gloss, dense and hard graphic the protective layer.

                 Drying equipment: there are two kinds of production line and machine cabinet. The single cabinet is commonly used in the process of drying proofing products, pipeline type drying equipment for large-scale production line equipment. The drying and conveying device, a drying device, the main general design requirements is that the product is transported to the terminal after entering the drying unit can completely dry drying device. Based on infrared heating method.



                With the rapid development of UV technology for UV spraying, spraying has been focused on the surface of the product, UV environmental advantage and superior physical and chemical properties have been concerned about water transfer field. Using UV spraying technology, drying method is the use of UV drying production line, UV drying UV curing machine with no difference the production line and the traditional UV curing technology

                 4 fuel injection equipment
          Used for spraying on the surface of the product after the transfer of fuel injection equipment, it has the body and the injection pressure device, spraying the paint will become fine particles floating in high pressure, meet products formed after adsorption. Automatic injection device not only can carry out automatic operation of the product, but also solves the health damage the operation staff.

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